"We're here to move people....And i don't mean public transportation."

Interviewer: We're here today with the guys from LIC...also known as Live Inspired Clothing.
Row & Dean: Hey wassup

Interviewer: So tell us about yourselves.
Row: Raised in Hawaii. I'm about 5'5. Husky with brown hair. Likes hello kitty. And intimate dinners.
Dean: Almost same as his height.(Row) Likes being lazy. And just putting this out there, I'm single.

Interviewer: Okay (pauses)...what is your clothing line about?
Row: It's about sharing our talents to inspire people.  Growing up I wasn't much exposed to the creative side of the world and was taught to get good grades, don't go to jail, and don't make babies until your 30 (LOL) I met Dean in high school and we've been buddies since.  We wanted to put clothing out there that can inspire people that yes you can do creative things that isn't let's say "society driven".
Dean: Basically...what Row said. I think that this line has a different feel to other "positive type clothing lines" cuz I feel that we have this "swagger" or "persona" per say, while trying to stay humble at the same time. We're giving the people out there something to connect to, it doesn't matter whether you're rich, poor, popular, or alone. We're normal people too. This line isn't just about the designs....They all have substance behind them.

Interviewer: Any future plans?
Row: I plan to move to Indonesia and finally learn to surf (hahaha) but really I just want to finally watch Game of Thrones.
Dean: I want to be the first one on my block to have a "Go-Kart Couch", so I can retrieve the mail without having to get up.(lol)

Interviewer: Thanks Guys!

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